Bf1942 cracked server

    How to create battlefield 1942 server ,also known as cracked server, that does not check for valid cd keys.

The answer is very simple.It is just a matter of a simple firewall rules.You do not need any additional cracks, patches or anything like that.
Just use a firewall on your PC.Windows XP built in firewall is not capable of blocking outgoing connections to specific ports, so you will need a third party firewall with ipfilter capabilities.Or you could use Stateless Packet filter which is an implementation of openbsd packet filter iptables for windows.
GNU Linux does not have such problem – iptables works fine.

First let me tell you how the battlefield server check for cd keys.It does that by connecting to a remote UDP port 29910! So if you block that connection you will be fine.

When you create a server you are required to indicate on what port it should listen for incoming connections – the default one is UDP 14567.You might think that this is the only port your bf1942 server uses.This is not right.It makes various connections to many ips and to many remote ports.I do not know exactly why.
One of these ips is UDP
The mystery remains why bf1942 server connects to many other Ips when idle.
Anyway.So what we would want to do is to make our server visible and at the same time not checking for valid cd keys.

To accomplish this, do the following:

1.Allow your bf1942 server to uses only these ports to act as a server.That means that the firewall will allow bf server to be contacted from a remote machines only on these local ports:
1.1 Local UDP The port, you have chosen for the game – default one is UDP 14567 , but it can be any UDP port from 1-65535
1.2 Local UDP port 23000 so server can be checked and thus visible to the others in bf 1942 online server list
1.3 Local UDP port 14690.This port is used by ASE.ASE was bought by yahoo and then it was shutdown as a big favor for gamespy.However some ASE IPs are still active.I think the results if a server is up or down are still redirected to gamespy.

2.Allow your bf1942 server to uses only these remote ports to act as a client.That means that your firewall will allow bf server to uses only these remote ports to connect to.
2.1 Remote UDP port 27900 .Bf server makes connections to that port when publish itself.

You might ask why acting as a client , it is a server, right? Well it does that for two known to me reasons:
1. One for publishing itself to the battlefield online server list.
2. The other one is when asking queries to and thus checking cd key of everyont who tries to join the server.It does that by trying to connect to a remote port UDP 29910.

If you want your server to be absolutely hidden, so no one except the one you tell about your server will know about it, then in your firewall allow only connections to the UDP game port of the server.It will not check for cd keys, and it will not be visible in the online server list.

Here are additional tools you might find useful for managing your server.
BF Server Manager 2.01 Windows
BF Remote Manager 2.01 Windows
BF Server Manager 2.1 Linux
BF Manager manual

Stateless Packet filter with configured working rules to make your bf1942 server a cracked one!
md5sum No_cd_key_bf1942_server_fix.exe 206dd9210fc97d770d0a8d0ce52d92d8

BF1942 keygen
BF1942 keygen
md5sum fdx-bfkg.rar af33852f415636b446635ed70ff72712

13 Responses to Bf1942 cracked server

  1. george says:

    I have a linksys WRT54GL with Tomato firmware Version 1.28 . If you can, please be more specific what ports should i forward. I tryed many times with that you typed it here but didn`t worked. Please help me, i wanna make a bf1942 server. Thanks, cheers

  2. What error do you get?Is your server reachable?
    I think you should port forward these ports, so your server can become reachable from the internet.
    local pc 23000 UDP -> router 23000 UDP (This is the bf1942 server query port)
    local pc 14567 UDP -> router 14567 UDP (This is the bf1942 server game port)
    local pc 14690 UDP -> router 14690 UDP (This is query port for ASE – optional)
    port forward
    Now, If you want to make your server to be a cracked one, you must block this outbound connection, that will occur every time when someone tries to join your server, from local pc on port 23000 UDP to remote machine UDP
    You must block only this outbound connection to that specific remote port – 29910 UDP!
    Check if your router can block outbound connections by ports somehow.If it is not capable , you need a software firewall that can do this.

  3. george says:

    Ok, thanks for your great answers. BTW the link with “No cd key check bf1942 server fix” is broken.
    PS: do you know how can i edit maps for my server. I just wanna add vehicles/airplanes , nothing special. It will be compatible with other players if i edit some maps ?

    Cheers !

  4. It’s fixed! For map editing, go to

  5. george says:

    I`ve talked to Kamain and that motherfucker didn`t wanted to give me his modded maps from NO CD KEY server. I`ve also talked to admin from tall bridge server and i was refused in the same way. Nobody want to help you and share information, they are all fucking retards.
    Have you found some nice modded maps ?

  6. says:

    No, I have not.It looks like the only way is to make them ourselfs. The problem I stumble upon is that there is not a lot of information about the game files.
    It looks like it is possible to change everything, even how far a soldier can trow objects.You can change the damage and so on.So the possibilities are endless.
    However this is really pity and selfish that people do not want to share and help…

  7. andwan0 says:

    Great guide! Is this affliated with ?

  8. Michael says:

    When I try to set up the Stateless Packet filter I get the following error message: “error: Packet Filtering service installation failed”. It doesn’t matter if I try to set it up myself or use the already configured one from this website.
    Do you have any idea what might be causing this?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Maybe you are not admin, which OS?

  10. TheHotMan says:

    Please help I tried every thing.. I’ve got a TP-LINK router…
    I forward all the ports that you said And Blocked the one you said and still not public and still invalid CD key.. HELP PLEASE!! I tried >No_cd_key_bf1942_server_fix< but i cant figure out CMD I've tried every think but cant figure out CMD ==== sorry but i need your help a video or something PLEASE!!

  11. Donny says:

    How do I do this on a linux server from ?

  12. Donny says:

    I meant, how do I do this on a server i rented from ? They use linux, and I asked and they said they won’t do it themselves.

  13. says:

    If you have windows 7 , you do not need packet filter.The build in firewall in windows 7 is capable of blocking outgoing connections by to remote ports
    In Linux you can use iptables to block outgoing connections.You need a root account in order to do that.If you do not get root account , you can rent Virtual Private Server and install bf142 server on it.

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